Profile Exchange for Bloggers


Put a button on your blog that readers can click on so that people can request your Opinity profile.


Gain Trust
Blogging is all about personal communication. Your readers want to get to know you, and when they feel they know you, they become more loyal—they visit, comment, and link to you more often. In short, their loyalty is what can make your blog successful.   Use Opinity Profile Exchange to allow selected readers to find out more about you.

Disclosure Control
You want to let your loyal readers know who you really are but don’t want to let the public know about them?  Use the Profile Exchange and control who can see certain information you have in your profile. You can gain someone else's trust you without giving up your privacy.

Blog Profile Exchange  

Protect Yourself!
You can protect your identity from spammers and phishers while letting your readers get to know you better in order to encourage their trust and loyalty.

Profile Exchange
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Exchange Profile
You can exchange profiles when both parties should be equally comfortable with the other party. Thinking of dating someone you met online? Renting out a room in your home? The Exchange Profile is for you.
Request Profile
You can ask someone to provide more information about themselves.
Buying something online but hesitant to send them a check? Try this service.
Send Your Profile
Want to impress someone with your background or credentials?
Or just let them feel more comfortable by letting them know more about them? Send them your profile!
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