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Amy is a friend of mine. She is a lovely, highly energetic, and entirely enjoyable human being. It is a real pleasure to know her and have the privilege to become friends.

I highly recommend Amy to you as a truly outstanding human being. She is dedicated, direct, strongly convicted of her purposes in life.
Submitted by BillHWashburn, 11/10/2005   More
Always enjoy my discussions with Amy. A great warm person that I'd highly recommend to anyone.
Submitted by david, 11/01/2005   More
Hi Amy!! Love your car! Next upgrade: put a bumpin' system in there! =D
Submitted by vlow1210, 10/28/2005   More
Amy is a warrior. Having a bunch of shy engineers in the company, Amy truly brought enormous energy to our team. I've only worked with her for 3 months, but she has already exceeded my expectations.

She is totally focused, responsible, committed and efficient. She simply gets things done. We are...
Submitted by tedcho, 10/28/2005   More
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