Opinity in the News
03/13/06 PC Forum: Shifting the balance of data power - ZDNet
Users gaining control of their data and online identities was the theme of the morning panel at PC Forum.   > More
02/14/06 On The Internet, 99 Percent Approval May Not Be Enough - INTERNETWEEK
Like millions of other people, Rob Meyer went looking for a deal on EBay last summer. What he got, left him with a bad taste in his mouth.   > More
12/19/05 Earning trust on the Web - The Seattle Times
On the Web, as in real life, what goes around comes around — just a lot bigger and faster.
> More
11/09/05 Start-up creates tools for verifying, managing online reputation - CNET News.com
Reputations can be a slippery thing. If Attila didn't have a reputation for ruthlessness, for instance, Rome may not have fallen so easily.   > More
07/28/05 Partners Offer Way to Build Web of Reputations - eWeek.com
Two organizations are joining forces to offer a service that enables Internet users to establish identities and reputations, allowing others to decide whether they are the kind of people they want to get to know or do business with.   > More
05/30/05 Getting to Know You - The Washington Post
Online dating traditionally has been a pretty solitary affair: just you and your computer, flipping through profiles with the hope that somewhere, typing away, there's someone else who enjoys Montecristo sandwiches, the Faint, and late-night viewings of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."   > More
05/23/05 Sites check and rate reputations online - The Mercury News
The online dating scene can be full of intrigue and mystery. Daters sometimes don't know who they're dealing with on the other end until it's too late.   > More
05/02/05 Opinity Launches Reputation Service - Auctionbytes.com
Opinity Inc has launched a "personal reputation service" that allows users to review and rate the online behavior of others and evaluate and manage their own reputations, including controlling the level of disclosure of their personal data.   > More
04/14/05 Social Credit Points Rack Up Online - Internetnews
Peter Pirz was so irked about a bad experience on eBay (Quote, Chart), he set up a Web site to tell the world.   > More
02/22/05 Fixing Reputation's Bad Rep - Release 1.0
EBay is great, and not just because it is a vibrant market with a lot of transactions flowing through it. What really makes eBay special is its database of users and their associated reputations.   > More

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