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07/11/06 Opinity Partners With Three Internet Visionaries
Opinity, a leader in providing Internet users simple and powerful tools for managing their personal and professional reputations online, has just announced partnerships with three Internet companies prominent in the Web 2.0 space: RapLeaf, Edgeio and GoingOn.  > More
03/13/06 Opinity Introduces New Reputation Tools, Positions Itself in Web 2.0
With the release of a new version of its software services, Opinity, a Silicon Valley startup, introduces new capabilities for importing, exporting, and verifying reputation and identity information.  > More
11/01/05 Opinity Launches First Comprehensive Reputation System for All Internet Users
New Rollout Designed To Help Build Greater Trust Among Users and Communities.  > More
Two pioneers in establishing identity and reputation systems for individuals on the Internet today announced a partnership to coordinate their services for the public good.   > More
04/18/05 Opinity Launches First Online Reputation Service for Internet Users
Internet Users Can Now Interact and Transact Business With Peers With Confidence; Web Partners Profit From Increased User Confidence   > More
04/18/05 Softbank Ventures Korea, Solborn Investment, Korea Investment Corporation, And Valmore Partners Invest in Opinity, First Online and Social Reputation Services Company
Academic and Business Advisory Board Joins Forces With Opinity's Experienced Management Team   > More

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